Training And Education

Dedicated Staff Force

We have a sound policy in recruiting personnel. Currently, we have a combined  staff force of more than 100 professional personnel. We believe that continuous development is vital. In this respect, our firm places heavy emphasis on education and continuous training for all staff members of the Firm.

We recognize the needs of our people with aspirations. Realizing these needs, we focus our training and education activities to create intellectual reservoirs. We constantly provide training and education to our staff. We encourage and support our staff to obtain professional qualifications. Our encouragement includes providing study leave.

Our Firm is also the approved ACCA’s accredited employer and CPA Australia Employer’s Club which offer opportunities for accounting graduates to be professional accountants.

Structured training and education programs have been developed for our staff. Our Firm also conducts in-house training for our staffs. The in-house training is designed to provide not only technical knowledge but also teamwork and client relationship programs.

We believe that our future growth depends on the quality of our staff and the continuous development of expertise. With the training and education of staff, we embed it in our services to give better services to our client.