Consultancy And Corporate Advisory

Business-Oriented Solutions Customised To Client’s Specific Circumstances


We  provide experienced, innovative and independent advice to public and private companies, financial intermediaries, management teams, government departments and to other professional bodies. The range of services available:

Mergers and acquisitions and transaction support

Helping  our   clients   develop  the   acquisition  strategy, identify, value and approach targets, negotiate deals, prepare due  diligence reports and  advise clients  on  tax structuring, providing advisory services on a particular business transaction and other financial aspects.

Company listings

Assisting companies improve their  access  to  capital  and raise their profile through listings on stock markets.

Business and investment valuations

Our valuation specialists provide expert advice to ensure clients’ requirements are met. Our experts have wide range of experiences in reviewing financial models of various companies   in   their   corporate   exercise   for   valuation purposes.

Joint ventures and strategic alliances

Helping clients identify and evaluate potential partners as an independent and professional adviser.

Financial Modeling

Development and construction of Financial Model for various types of industries and providing inputs in the business plan development.

Project financing

Providing  independent advice  on  the  financing  structure appropriate to clients’ venture into new business areas and/or need for improving returns.

Privatisation and corporatisation advisory

Performing    privatisation    and    corporatisation    studies

including  organization  structure,  feasibility  studies  and source of funding.

Corporate restructuring

Recommending and assistance in implementing strategies for restructuring in order for the organisation to maximise resource utilisation.

Corporate Governance Services

  • Corporate Governance Advisory
  • Board Effectiveness Assessment
  • Governance Effectiveness Review
  • Statement on Risk Management and

Internal Control Review

Fraud Prevention Services

  • Fraud Prevention Programmes
  • Whistle-blowing Programme and Hotline
  • Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation

Corporate Resilience Services

  • Establishment of Corporate Resilience Policy and Structure
  • Threats Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Business Continuity Solutions
  • Business Continuity Plan Development
  • Simulation Exercise
  • Crisis Management

Our reputation and proven track record is built on: –

Our efficiency in undertaking, conducting and completing assignments.

Our  ability  to  provide  prompt  professional  advice  on technical matters.

Our ability to provide timely and meaningful reports during the course of our assignments.

Our clients can be assured of a high degree of professionalism and service quality as each assignment is governed by specialized methodology.