About Us

The ever-changing business environment demands a well-rounded business consultancy practice that can respond to changes in legislative and economic conditions.

Afrizan Tarmili Khairul Azhar, have the expertise and commitment to professionalism to proactively provide our clients with practical business solutions. Our well-rounded business consultancy with strict adherence to professional standards is well suited to serve our clients business needs. 

We are committed to provide effective, efficient yet practical advice to assist our clients in their financial affairs. We offer a full range of services for all our clients and this is continuously being developed and adapted to meet our clients’ needs.

At aftaas, our commitment goes beyond the realm of business philosophy. We provide the necessary business assurances and other related financial services which we deliver effectively and efficiently. No matter how big or small our clients are, our team of experts with extensive experience will strive to provide them the best solutions.

We are not only offering practical solutions to our clients’ business requirements but we also offer our clients with advice on management of their resources to produce the best possible outcome.