Tax Advisory Services

An option for value added solutions to our clients’ tax needs

Puan Suriwati Azilah Abdullah

Senior Manager
CA (M), B.Acc.(Hons) UiTM

Puan Ernie Sharmila Abd Rahman

Senior Manager
CA (M), B.Acc.(Hons) IIUM

Given  the  increasingly  complex  taxation  system  and  frequent changes in fiscal legislation, our tax experts address tax needs of our portfolio of clients. Our team of tax specialists with extensive industry experience is able to provide comprehensive tax advice. Our clients will benefit from our tax planning and advisory services that ensure optimal solutions thereby enhancing returns on shareholders’ investments.

Our professional service capabilities include the following:-


   Income Tax

  • Restructuring of existing business organizations;
  • Establishing new business or branches;
  • Remuneration package for individuals.

   Real Property Gains Tax – RPGT

  • Applying for clearance and exemption.


  • Advising  on   incentives   available   and   the   appropriate incentives for investment;
  • Review  of   applications   for   incentives,   initiating   and facilitating the application through the relevant government agencies and ministries.


   Tax Investigation and Tax Audits

  • Representing and assisting clients.

   Tax Appeals and Dispute Resolution

  • Assisting clients in pursuing appeals.

   Licensed Manufacturing Warehousing

  • Assisting  clients  in  obtaining  the  Licensed  Manufacturing

Warehousing with the Royal Custom and Excise Department.