Tax Advisory Services

“An option for value added solutions to your tax needs”

Given the increasingly complex taxation system and frequent changes in fiscal legislation, our tax experts address tax needs of our portfolio of clients. Our team of tax specialists with extensive industry experience is able to provide comprehensive tax advice. As our client, you will benefit from our tax planning and advisory services covering:


  • Restructuring of existing business organisations to minimise or defer tax
  • Establishing new business or branches for tax benefits
  • Remuneration package for individuals advising on contentious tax issues

Real Property Gain Tax -RPGT

  • Applying for clearance and exemption

INDIRECT TAXES Goods and Services Tax (GST)

  • Advising on implication of GST and GST planning
  • GST system review

Sales Tax, Service Tax, Custom Duty

  • Applying for tax / duty exemption
  • Applying for licences
  • Advising on reduction of exposure


  • Advising on incentives and other exemptions available under the various incentives
  • Applying for Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Status

Reduction of Tax

  • Claiming special deduction and allowances under the Income Tax Act
  • Double tax deductions applications for eligible companies or projects

OTHERS SERVICES Tax Investigation and Tax Audits

  • Representing and assisting clients

Tax Appeals

  • Assisting clients in pursuing appeals

Licensed Manufacturing Warehousing

  • Assisting clients in obtaining the Licensed Manufacturing Warehousing with the Royal Custom and Excise Department.