aftaas (Afrizan Tarmili Khairul Azhar), have the expertise and commitment to professionalism to proactively provide our clients with practical business solutions. Our well-rounded business consultancy with strict adherence to professional standards is well suited to serve our clients business needs.

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Independent, objective and of the highest professional standards

Focused beyond routine audits and tax submissions, our services are designed to help clients meet both statutory obligations and business objectives.

Business-oriented solutions customised to client’s specific circumstances

We provide experienced, innovative and independent advice to public and private companies, financial intermediaries, management teams, government departments and to other professional bodies.

An option for value added solutions to our clients’ tax needs

Given the increasingly complex taxation system and frequent changes in fiscal legislation, our tax experts address tax needs of our portfolio of clients. Our team of tax specialists with extensive industry experience is able to provide comprehensive tax advice. Our clients will benefit from our tax planning and advisory services that ensure optimal solutions thereby enhancing returns on shareholders’ investments.


Goods and Services Tax (GST) • Advising on implication of GST and GST planning • GST system review GST Registration • Advise registration (Group or Individual registration).

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